The Mercenary Armorer 

One stop shop for your firearm needs

experienced cerakote applicator. 

I offer Gunsmithing services, detailed firearms cleaning, Cerakote application, custom gun leather, firearms restoration, gun building services, and some firearms training.  

I have been offering cerakote services to many gunsmiths and gun shops in the denton/Ft. Worth area and am now proud to offer direct service to the client. 

I learned gunsmithing at the feet of old curmudgeonly gunsmiths and gun plumbers and continue that education, seeking out wisdom where it can be coaxed and prodded from their vast collective knowledge and brainpower. 


Call, text, or email me for a price quote on that gun idea that's been knocking around in your head, no matter how crazy!

I also specialize in nerd inspired guns!

Have you always wanted a 9mm screen accurate E-11 blaster? A Boba Glock, or a Hello Kitty Fitty (coming soon)? I got you covered!

Blastech E-11

Fully functional and screen accurate. This beauty was built from a vintage de-milled Sterling MK4 that was converted to a BATFE approved closed bolt semi-auto function. I then got my hands on the finest  screen accurate reproduction greebles and insured that they would stand the rigors of 9mm recoil. I had always wanted this one!

Boba Glock

This one was a custom built and painted project. It started its life as a P80 frame that was laser engraved at the grip and with a custom serial number. I could list all the parts that went in it, but that list would be long and would make my fingers hurt.

Hello Kitty Fitty

This one is still a work in progress. It is a Hello Kitty designed AR-15 chambered in .50 Beowulf ( no, I'm not willing to deface my Barrett M82A1 ......yet) Until i have pictures of that project you get to gaze upon my Spartan Armor systems plate carrier complete with Hello Kitty charm.......she's fights bullets with cuteness!

Fenri Bralor has your 6

I'm so multi talented I can even make beskar'gam. My armor has been a work of love......the Mercenary Armorer is Mando'ade, vod!


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